Patience is Key

For those that know me well enough, patience is not my strength. It’s actually a personal weakness of mine and when I mentioned in my first blog post that my hormone imbalance really tested and continues to test the little I have I am not by any means exaggerating.

Before my skin went crazy I barely owned any makeup products. Some translucent powder, eyeliner and lip-gloss were my ‘must-haves’ and I saved eye-shadow for ‘fancy occasions’. I am a tomboy by nature and when my skin broke out I had to tap deep into my feminine core as my rare trips to Pennywise for nail polish now had to be made monthly and included concealer and foundation which at that time I had zero clue about. I cannot tell you how exhausting it was for me to learn how to be ‘girly’ at twenty five. Now that my skin doesn’t break out like it used to, I actually enjoy doing my makeup. I’m no longer trying to cover up both the acne ‘bumps’ and marks but nowadays it’s for the few dark spots I have when I occasionally do break out.

If you are currently where I was a few years earlier trying to hide both my acne and the acne marks, I cannot implore how important it is for you to focus on dealing with one issue at a time rather than both. This is where your patience really has to kick in. If you are uncontrollably breaking out still and also using harsh over the counter beauty products to control the breakouts and marks at the same time you will not only wear yourself out mentally but you will damage the texture or your skin further.

I know it is hard walking around with acne and having people stare or ask questions but please focus on controlling the breakouts and when you have then start dealing with the acne marks. If you have been following my previous advice with regard to supplementation, eating healthier and including an exercise regime in order to fight your acne/hormone imbalance then you are on the right track in conquering your breakouts. If you have done all of the above and not seen any results in 4-6 weeks in your acne then please DM me directly so we can chat about what else may be hindering your progress.

Even before my skin went bad I’ve always had very sensitive, easily scarred skin. This is why I chose and continue to use natural home remedies in my daily skin care routine instead of using commercial beauty products on my face. I’d now like to share some skin care/beauty tips that I’ve acquired over the years. While natural remedies do take longer, they are less damaging to the skin once done properly. Patience is key!


  • Ice: Yes, I said ice. We all know that hormonal acne pimples are not like normal pimples in that they are quite painful. Because of this I can usually feel when one is coming on and to stop it from getting larger, I rub ice over it for about two minutes. If I’m home, I do it about three times over the course of the day and this usually stops its growth.
  • Tea Tree Oil: You can get a bottle of this in nearly any pharmacy. You have to be careful how you use tea tree oil though because it is very strong and can leave your skin dry if not used properly. You only need a few drops of it and make sure the cotton swab is diluted before dabbing it on the emerging pimple. If you do this overnight it will usually stunt the growth of the pimple by the next morning.
  • Banana Peels: I love bananas. It’s my ‘go to fruit’ when I want a sweet healthy snack and I usually have one before I exercise as it keep me full and gives me that extra energy I need. But who knew that the peel is beneficial as well? Banana peels contain vitamins A, B, C, E, and contain potassium, zinc, iron, and manganese.[5]These nutrients can calm inflamed skin and reduce acne outbreaks. I know it sounds gross but if you rub the peel a few minutes over the pimple (make sure and cleanse your face before), leave it on a few minutes and then wash it off, it makes a huge difference the next day, not only in the size of the pimple but the overall texture of your skin. Trust me, it works.


  • Lemon juice, Lime juice or even Orange juice: – Basically any fruit that has citric acid makes a wonderful natural astringent. The only beauty products I use are from the Himalaya Herbals line but when their toner finishes I usually use any of the above to remove excess dirt or makeup.


  • Honey: The best present anyone can give me is a bottle of honey! The benefits of honey are out of this world and I use it in several different ways but I use it the most to moisturize my face. Honey is a natural antibacterial, full of anti-aging properties and antioxidants and it gives my face a healthy glow the next day. If you can bare the sticky feeling and messing up your pillow case, I would encourage you to leave it overnight on your face. Your skin will feel super smooth and plump in the morning!


  • Baking Soda and Coconut Oil: I use a mixture of baking soda and coconut oil religiously for my dark spots. This combination is also an effective natural cleanser and every two to three days I mix equal amounts of both and rub them very gently on my face. Baking soda on its own is a remedy against acne. It regulates the pH level of the skin and helps in healing breakouts. Coconut oil has strong healing, moisturizing and antibacterial qualities that beneficially affect the skin while nourishing it. Of all the natural remedies I have tried, this one has been the most effective in removing my acne marks in a short space of time (you see results in less than three weeks).
  • Honey and Lemon: I think catching a rare pokémon is easier than finding rough skin lemons in Trinidad. If it weren’t for this fact, I would use this option more than the baking soda and coconut oil combo as it’s gentler on my skin. This takes a little longer in removing acne marks in my opinion but it really works to even out your skin tone.

If you use any natural home remedies that have helped your hormonal acne please share them with me!


“Without patience, we will learn less in life. We will see less. We will feel less. We will hear less. Ironically, rush and more usually mean less.” – Mother Theresa.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Asha says:

    My 14 year old daughter has bad case of acne….I like the lemon honey solution. I recently also got her the Himalaya treatments that she is yet to try. Her face is worse before periods and when she is under stress.


  2. Amy-Leigh says:

    Hi! Have you read my blog on supplementation? Get her on some essential vitamins and minerals and get her into exercising if she isnt already.


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